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Success = Consistently Staying on Task Over Long Periods of Time

We all have 24 hours a day, and many super-successful businesspeople have started with way less than what you have now and have achieved success more quickly. What's the secret to their success? Why do some people enjoy meteoric growth while others stay stuck?

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  • The one thing that entrepreneurs and business owners like you say is more important than money
  • Why all the books, articles and apps you've tried to improve your productivity don't work and are doomed to fail
  • Which techniques do work with us based on how we're wired
  • My out-of-the-box solution to bringing out the most distraction-free, on-task version of yourself. Hint: it involves real people plus one robot I created who thinks he's alive!

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This is brilliant. I honestly both laughed and cried while reading this. It made me realize the reason I have felt so anxious and bogged down with college lately... You showed me that I needed a dramatic shift in the way I tend to look at things.... Thank you for everything so far. I have found it immensely comforting and helpful." - Haley C.

"...without a doubt it's very scary how like me your description is." - Leigh O.

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My name is Mohan Embar and I'm a software engineer who also loves helping people. Despite my tendency to procrastinate, I've still managed to write award-winning Artificial Intelligence computer programs, speak six languages, and accomplish quite a lot in my life.

Now it's time for me to combine my passions for Artificial Intelligence and people to help you stop procrastinating and bring the gifts you were meant to bring to the world.